Home by the Sea

Home by the Sea
'our beach'

Thursday, 31 March 2011

My daughter is 18!

Yesterday my lovely daughter Alissia celebrated her 18th birthday

Yes, eighteen

Really, she was 18

It doesn't matter how I say it, she is still 18. (which seems impossible), where have those years gone.

She had a great day celebrating with all her fantastic friends and kind and loving family and received lots of lovely cards, messages and thoughtful presents.  What a lucky girl.  


She is also fortunate to share her birthday with her dad, my Mr P. who, as always helped make the day very special for us all.  Happy Birthday Mr P, I gave you the best present 18 years ago when Lissy was born, don't you think ? 

As is the family tradition, her Grandad gave a beautiful speech, (for family members who were absent we have it on video!)

 we drank champagne, sang happy birthday  and celebrated together as Lissy is now 18.


And we love her to bits x x x x x x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Painted Ercol Unit

Mr P and his brother set off very early this morning to collect my recent e.bay purchase.  Very nice it is too, although me thinks is needs a little bit of TLC , a little bit of sanding and some painting here and there but otherwise its great.  That lovely Ercol shaped top that is so, well Ercol, it even has the cutlery tray.

The weather has been good this week in the South East and the gardening is coming to life.  Lots of fresh green growth emerging from the ground and buds on tress.  I'm now not only thinking about what furniture/accessories to take to 'home by the sea' but also thinking about what plants to move as well.  Will my peonies transplant ok? what about my favourite viburnum.  I can't wait to start my veggie patch, maybe some fruit trees, oh just to have more space for all the plants I can't fit into my existing garden.  What joy!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Table completed

After much sanding, undercoating, painting, re-sanding and re-painting and  then giving up.My beloved Mr P. took over and made a fabulous job of painting my little round table in  Farrow and Ball Wimbourne White and wow it looks fab.  Think this will look lovely in my 'home by the sea'.  Pictures to follow. Thank you Mr P.

I've kind off stopped blogging for a while, as thought it best until we had at least exchanged contracts; which hopefully will be soon
I have seen some lovely furniture and fabrics, not sure if I want a 'retro', 'cath kidston' look or a 'beachy look' for 'home by the sea'.  Recently found a new blog to follow www.abeachcottage.com  and and I'm loving that look, also John Lewis have a great range of 'coastal' accessories in at the moment which would fit in well with the beach theme but so love the 'cath kidston' look.  Just can't decide.

Lovely Mr P. successfully bid on a painted ercol unit for me last week, which he is kindly going to collect tomorrow. Hope its nice.