Home by the Sea

Home by the Sea
'our beach'

Monday, 22 August 2011


Work at 'home by the sea' has been put on hold this week, we have had some serious celebrations.

It started with a 'mums and daughters' night out, there is something quite fun and special about partying with your daughter.  It was actually to celebrate a mum's birthday (age undisclosed).

We went to fab restaurant in Frith St, called Little Italy.

The food was good and the drinks weren't too bad either!

We sang Happy Birthday to the birthday lady

The 'mums' all looking very happy

and the 'girls' just looking gorgeous whilst having a photo with some very pleasant policemen

We all had a good boogy 

arrived home in the early hours feeling fine and then woke feeling not quite so fine. How does that happen?

Thursday morning was Results Day, a very happy day for us.  Lissy was accepted at Nottingham Univesity and she achieved fantastic results - an A* in Spanish !!  

I was one very proud mother

The following morning the girls had their own celebrations, off they went to V festival , 2 small cars jam packed with tents, sleeping bags, hunter wellies, food and some suspicious looking bottles !

Oh such happy days xx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The first 'before and after'

Happy birthday to our niece and  brother in law who are both celebrating their birthdays today.  Love and best wishes to you both.

Welcome to my first 'before and after'.  Although Mr P and myself  have been very hard at work there is still much to be done.  Most rooms are still in that inbetween stage but I am happy to say that the guest room is now complete.

Before :  this was taken on moving in day,

And this was taken today 

I am really happy with final look although it still needs some finishing touches,

but it has the key features; painted furniture

white stuff

a beachy feel

and dotty fabric

What do you think ?

Today we have been working hard on the garden so hopefully there should be some before and after shots coming soon.  

Happy days   Pauline x 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Finally an update

I know it's been a couple of months and I guess my few followers have given up waiting but I am now up and running and planning on regular updates.  The last few weeks have been busy, we have had  family from Hong Kong staying which, in case they are reading this has been fab; this was  followed by a short holiday and whilst I've been enjoying myself good old Mr P. has been soldiering on making our new 'home by the sea' into something very special.  Of course I have been behind the scene giving advice on the correct shade of white paint to use, should it be All White, Great White or maybe Wimborne White, all great Farrow and Ball colours. I have spent many hours  scouring second hand shops for some great furniture finds and  there have been numerous visits to good old John Lewis for the extra special touches.

Although we still have a fair amount of jobs to do I am happy to introduce you to our lovely 'Home by the Sea'

This was taken on moving in day, watch this space for more before and after shots, but let me start with the porch, unfortunately I have no 'before' shot as Mr P. was desperate to get started but this is how it looks now,

It is now a lovely bright space with a cool 'beachy' feel, just perfect .

I hope you like my first official blog and please continue to follow if you like what I like

white stuff

painted furniture

dotty stuff

a lovely old door, this will become a major blogging feature 

and Nellie, the cutest dog ever, 

Happy days,  Pauline x