Home by the Sea

Home by the Sea
'our beach'

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Decided to start blogging again and another room finished

 Well for those who have been following my blog you may have been wondering why there have been no updates recently well Mr P has still been very busy painting etc and I have taken loads of photos but somehow they have not made it onto the computer.
I think I kinda lost my way with this blog, I have been following a few others and they seem so professional that I felt my little blog was slightly boring and very amateurish.  Anyway I've decided to persevere even it is only for my own interest.
Also the last couple of weeks have been busy preparing for 'Lissy off to Nottingham Uni, I am glad to report that she has survived freshers week and enjoying this new expereince.

Anyway back to 'home by the sea', the middle bedroom is now finished. Sometimes when I have a blank canvas (ok a white painted room)  I need  something to inspire me;   for this room in was these 'bunting voile panels',

These were bought from John Lewis, I wish I could say that I made them.  But I did have to adapt them, so a chance to get the sewing machine (or ziggy zagger) out.

I find it very therapeutic using a sewing machine, maybe its the technical skills required,
winding the bobbin, setting the tension,  threading the machine ....

 or it may be that I like to keep my thread and ribbons in Jo Malone boxes and my sewing bits in Cath Kidston bags,

Whatever the reason I spent an enjoyable hour sewing heading tab onto the voile, nothing more adventurous than that, and Nellie kept an eye on the proceedings.

And the finished look,

The room before:

And now

Best wishes Pauline x