Home by the Sea

Home by the Sea
'our beach'

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

'Our Beach'

It's hard to describe how lovely it is in this part of the country, a coastal area in West Sussex not too far from Chichester.  I never thought that I would end up with a home by the sea but somehow we ended up here and I think both Mr P and I are both so happy that we did.

Mr P had a dream to own a home in the sun, we thought about Spain, great for golfing and Sangria but just did not feel right, Portugal, just not us, Crete, too far.

We settled on France, a fab French farmhouse not too far from Bordeaux (I will relay our French tale one day).  .

But now we are here, in West Sussex, in our delightful home by the sea and I mean we are right by the sea.  Everyday I get to walk 5 mins to the beach.

We have our own special entrance

 Nellie loves the beach.

  I love the beach.

 Mr P loves the beach.

And everyone's so happy here

Happy Days
Pauline x